Blue Sky Technologies, Inc., a real-time supplychain visibility software provider, has launched a new appointment managementsystem. Named JanusAMS™ after the mythical Roman god Janus, the web-based,Software-as-a-Service program offers shippers online access to warehouse dockdoor scheduling and provides for appointment setting with each shipper’s motorcarriers.

In addition, JanusAMS™ will print gate passes foreach of the carriers, enabling faster entry for them into the warehousemarshalling yard. The new software compliments the range of technologyofferings developed by Blue Sky Technologies, whose flagship package Insight™offers shippers dashboard technology for increased visibility into their supplychain activities.

In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of gates,doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most apparent remnants in modernculture are his namesakes: the month of January, which begins the New Year, andthe janitor, who is a caretaker of doors and halls.

"We think this name aptly represents what thenew system is designed to do for our customers," said Steve Hensley,president, Blue Sky Technologies, Inc. "As an on-line, web-basedappointment management system, JanusAMS literally 'opens the doors' on the loadingdocks of our customers by helping manage the flow of goods in and out of thewarehouse. JanusAMS will help reduce congestion at both the dock doors andwithin the marshalling yard, where warehouse operators often have more trailersthan available space. JanusAMS is a natural extension of the dashboardtechnology we've been offering since 2005."

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