Waxhaw, NC. – Blue Sky Technologies, Inc., a Business Intelligence software provider, has launched a new scorecarding application. Called Scorecardstm. The web-based tracking system offers a targeted level view of any metric, using an easy to read, color based scoring system. 

Scorecardstm allow the user to create and configure various cards for individuals, tasks, and operations. Each card can be configured with various thresholds of performance, allowing the user to adapt and manage their operation based on specific and personalized measures of performance. 

Additionally, Scorecardstm can be configured to allow for any number of measurements to be assigned to any number of individuals, creating a grid-like scoring system. Further, a total of the individual’s performance can be created in a summary metric, using percentages, totals, or a scale of all their assigned tasks.

“We believe this system will allow for even further visibility and therefor give our clients even more ways to improve their operations,” said Adam Slater, Marketing Manager, Blue Sky Technologies, Inc. Steve Hensley, the CEO for Blue Sky Technologies added, “Scorecarding creates a fantastic way to get a quick, but thorough view of your operation, so anyone can get an understanding of their operational status. They’ll spend less time looking at reports and measurements, and more time doing what can really help their operation grow.”

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