Cadec Global, a leading provider of advanced fleetmanagement solutions, and Blue Sky Technologies, Inc., a real-time supply chainvisibility software provider, announced today a technology partnership intendedto help trucking fleets collect objective data that will help them make betterbusiness decisions.

Cadec's Mobius TTS® fleet management softwarehelps trucking fleets monitor driver behavior, improve safety and reduce costs.Blue Sky's Insight(TM) supply chain visibility application provides the abilityto measure key indicators, monitor process improvements, and maintainperformance across the extended supply chain.

The first deliverable of the partnership wasMobius Insight. Launched in October 2008, it is an add-on to Cadec's Mobius TTSthat provides pre-configured business dashboards for transportation executiveson safety, customer service, compliance, maintenance and costs.

Demonstrating the appeal of this type of solution,several companies have already purchased Mobius Insight. One is Martin's FamousPastry Shoppe, Inc., which produces a line of potato roll and bread productssold in supermarkets up and down the East Coast. "We're constantly lookingfor new ways to apply technology in order to improve efficiency," said J.Anthony Martin, Vice President of Information Systems at Martin's."Cadec's Mobius TTS and Mobius Insight will help us hone in on key areasthat can make the greatest impact on safety, fuel economy and ultimately ourbottom line. We're very excited about it."

Cadec and Blue Sky plan to expand their jointsolution set beyond Mobius Insight throughout 2009.

"We've been very encouraged by the strongresponse to Mobius Insight since it launched," said Michael Baney, CEO ofCadec. "In today's economy, companies have to be smarter than ever aboutrunning their fleets. There is a tremendous opportunity to extend supply chainmanagement initiatives all the way out to the truck cab, to cover the frontlines. Cadec's partnership with Blue Sky provides the business intelligenceneeded to accomplish that."

According to Blue Sky President Steve Hensley,"Greater visibility into the supply chain can bring incredibleefficiencies to any transportation operation, because there are so many movingparts. Cadec is well established and respected among fleet managers. I can'timagine a better partner for us in the transportation industry."

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