Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Pave the Way for Continual Performance Improvement
As competitive pressures become more intense across the global supply chain industry, companies must seek new ways in which to increase efficiencies within the supply chain. In order to do this, cross-functional supply chain visibility solutions become a critical partner in identifying areas for strategic and tactical performance improvements. For supply chain visibility solutions to be effective, actionable data must be easily accessible and acted upon. Companies
that invest in supply chain visibility solutions as an integral part of their continual performance improvement initiatives will be able to react most quickly to the demands of their adaptive supply chains and will secure substantial cost savings.
How to Maximize Supply Chain Visibility Solutions with SCOR and Create Long-Term, Measurable Results
Maximizing the benefits of Supply Chain visibility solutions is within reach when the SCOR-model, created by the Supply-
Chain Council, is adopted. Understanding the advantages of
the SCOR-model and identifying how existing Supply Chain
processes relate to the model can increase the ROI on existing
Supply Chain systems and visibility investments. By defining a
Supply Chain visibility strategy that aligns with the SCORmodel, pertinent information can be analyzed and efficiencies gained that will deliver measurable and actionable results.
Perfecting Perfect Orders through Increased Visibility
The quest of a perfect order is comprised of a journey filled with constant
movement and activity, perfectly aligned until reaching the final destination in
perfect condition. The odds against fulfilling a perfect order almost seem
overwhelming when considering the complexities of an extended supply chain.
Fortunately, supply chain companies have continued to take advantage of
process improvements and technology solutions orders.

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