JanusAMStm, provides a comprehensive web-based Appointment Management and Dock Scheduling solution that can bring immediate optimization, visibility and continual performance improvement benefits to your operations. With 24/7 online access, vendors and carriers have the ability to schedule appointments online based on pre-defined rules and print out a bar coded gate pass prior to arrival. Efficiencies are gained by reducing unproductive gaps within the appointment schedule for available doors. Visibility is increased by providing online dashboards, alerts and instruments which display real-time information for daily operations, enabling proactive responses. Continual performance improvement is made possible by calculating historical appointment durations for each carrier and vendor and providing out-of-the-box performance reports which identify vendor and carriers that do not routinely arrive according to schedule.

Like all of  our products at bluesky, JanusAMStm is easy to read with a graphical display of all appointments. And like all our products, JanusAMStm is highly configurable, and easy to do by the end user, so you can create and follow dashbaords, instruments, and alerts.

If you'd like to learn more about JanusAMStm, you can download a PDF about the product here.

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