Our Products

Insighttm is our flagship BI tool that allows for the creation of customized dashboard displays.

Data Vaulttm, our BI Data Warehouse solution, stores information from your databases and prepares it for use with Insighttm or any other BI tool you may use.

Broadcast Displaytm is a system wide dashboarding tool that allows you to show any metric on any display, including monitors, televisions, and tablets.

Insight Scorecardtm provides quick and simple views of the performance of an individual, department, or warehouse.

Insight in the Cloudtm is our SaaS model that lets us take care of the server hosting so you can focus your resources on your operation.

At bluesky, all of our products are web-based, meaning that any portable device with an internet connection can run your service, head over to our Insight Mobiletm page if you'd like to learn more.

JanusAMStm is our web-based Appointment management and Dock scheduling system allowing you to quickly and easily schedule appointments between you drivers and warehouse workers.

With our Consulting services, you can be sure that you'll get the exact help you need with setting up new applications, enhancing existing ones, and training with Java or IT.

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